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on the commandos' helmets during the flight. we land where a source final live gives us the background. >> the target of this operation is one of the leaders of the notorious cartel here. he's allegedly responsible for the capture, torture, and killing of about a dozen federal police officers. >> he's known simply as la tuta. he heads a powerful cartel, notorious for public displays of brutality. they're known as mexico's premier traffickers of crystal meth, nearly all to have to the united states. it was the growing strength and savagery of groups like this that compelled felipe calderone to declare war on the drug cartels. former mexican former minister says mexicans liked the idea. >> they thought it would be easy, quick, and it was a way of showing the flag, showing muscle. >> and the u.s., knowing mexico was fighting to keep drugs off america's streets, pitched in. congress made a $1.4 billion pledge to mexico's war chest. but mexico has been fighting an uphill battle made worse by a river of weapons flowing into the country, which has meant the cartels are often better armed than
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for joining us. i'm lester holt. hundreds of americans die every year from accidental monoxide poisoning. according to police in ohio, one of those deaths wasn't an accident. it was murder. they say if anyone would know how to use a deadly gas to murder someone, it was their prime suspect. here's kate snow. >> he's come back to where it all began, to the town, the streets he knew so well, remembering the old times when life was simple. love was young. and the future held so much promise. taking time to reflect on how it happened. a few days from now, it will all be over one way or another. >> my carbon monoxide detector has gone off, and my wife's has a seizure. >> our story begins in ohio on a frantic pre-dawn morning, september 4, 2006. dr. mark wangler says he woke suddenly to the sound of an alarm. what kind of an alarm? >> just a loud, piercing noise. i was able to determine it was the carbon monoxide detector. then i ran to check on kathy. >> kathy was 48 years old and for most of her life suffered from epilepsy. she was sleeping upstairs. >> i went in and shook her and called out
a decision about which one really moves them. >> and it's a tough decision. i always use the analogy that it's kind of like a lost weekend the presidential primary process. friday night everybody gets drunk, runs around, there's a lot of fun. the passion candidates do well early. even howard dean representing the democratic wing of the democratic party. our kind of hot entertainment candidates have been bachmann up and down, cain getting a little action. then by sunday morning when the election is, a lot of hangovers. but people sober up a little bit and make responsible decisions. so we're still in the beginning. you know, in the pundit world, i agree with dan baltz. the campaign, we've been covering it day to day for a year. out in voter america there's lots of room for this to go up and down. the legal rules, though, that dictate the process, the florida primaries final da are all coming uquick. we're about ten days away from locking the field and we're going to have still a month or two of turbulence and people start making real decisions. i think it will be romney or perry. >> you made
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. >> why us, why our child? >> for trying to get home. >> it is devastating. >> hundreds of kids shot every year in just one sitting. >> this is the arm where the bullet paralyzed me. >> the shooters, children themselves. >> youngest probably about 11. >> we are on the front line to stop the killing with the teachers. >> you have to follow the rules, man. >> the police. >> who knows which kid we're going to touch. >> a former gang leader. >> this was my last block. >> putting his own life on the line. >> we gonna fight. >> you can fight me. >> a father who lost his son, helping to lead the crusade. >> i stand to stop the violence, i stand to silence the violence. >> fighting to save the children. america now. faces against violence. thanks for joining us, i'm lester holt. it has been happening in the midst of one of america's great cities. hundreds of children and teenagers were being injured or killed in gun violence every year. in a ground breaking report in summer of 2010, we followed some of the brave people fighting to stop the violence sometimes in the face of great danger themselves.
for that to actually sink in. >> mystery on the catawba river. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ann curry. her family described her as a woman trust to go a fault. so much so police began to investigate whether that trusting nature may have cost this 20-year-old college student her life. here is keith morrison. >> just outside charlotte, north carolina, the catawba river winds its way between thick green borders that hide the city's sprawling suburbs. it's a river to play on. so it was passing jet skiers that saw her first, called 911. >> jackson county 911. >> yeah, i'm a boater on the catawba river. there's a car that's runoff an embankment and there's a body laying there. >> when the call came in, it was unclear exactly what was going on. >> a young homicide detective named william terry of mount holly police department took the call from dispatchers. there was something he should see. >> we just knew it was on the river. we headed that way. >> detective terry had to fight his way through thick underbrush until he came across the tire tracks, followed them down a steep embankment. >> saw the back
financial regulation that made it more restrictive for us to make money here, we're still going to try to make money because that's what we do. we have to make a decision, in your view. >> right. if you're mad at the banks and you want a different financial system, let's talk about having a different financial system. let's not do the sort of mixed message of business as usual, plus -- plus populist bank bashing. in the end it's like a twinkie. it sounds good at the tie, it tastes really good but it's ultimately really unhealthy. it doesn't get us anywhere. >> why is demonizing wall street the right approach right now? it mate be a political strategy if the president could harness it. is it really the right thing to do for the economy? >> here's what i think with all due respect to everybody's opinion. there were $700 billion in t.a.r.p. i was there. the money got to the banks. they were on their knees i don't remember anybody from goldman sachs or jpmorgan chase saying don't do it, luis, don't do it. we really don't want the money. no, i saw the secretary of the treasury come down the
us find her. >> reporter: days lar, police did. murdered. blood on her car, a struggle at her house and clues from a camisole. what had happened? >> we can't rest until it's solved. >> reporter: her friends will not quit. her parents will not stop. >> i am a pain, and i am a nuisance, but i am a mother. >> reporter: can "dateline" own team of investigators help. >> nothing is missing from this house. >> "lost in sin city" 3. >> thanks for joining us. i'm ann curry. for years it's been a puzzle for police. what happened to a smalltown girl who moved to the big city of las vegas? it was there that she found a new career and love. her parents said she seemed so happy. her parents said she seemed so happy. here's josh bank wicks. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> las vegas. every year, these lights draw millions. come for an easy fortune or for those secrets that suppose lead never leave here and some people come to get lost. if you want to disappear in america, the shadows thrown by those bright lights can hide you, and then there are those who don't want to disappear he
get, we did not know. >> lost at sea. thanks for joining us, i'm chris hanson. for two close families, it was a care free life. vacations together in the caribbean, afternoons spent diving and fishing. it was ideal, until a beloved father disappeared from his boat. the hunt to find out what happened to him would cover hundreds of miles of ocean, drive two families apart, and make many suspect something dark had been going on under the sun. in the bahamas where cobalt blue waters turn emerald green, this florida native knew his way around the islands as well as any local. but five years ago, the waters that jimmy were in so often would seemingly swallow him up one dark night. a mystery wrapped in the silence of those that know what happened. >> a lot of theories. a lot of questions. something happened out there. we don't know what. >> it's hard to believe what happened to a guy who was a boating legend. >> he was the type of man who could put his finger in the wind and find his way. he could navigate by the stars. >> jimmy was a palm beach real estate developer, a race car driver and c
comfortable with us, us with him. >> we talked about marriage. we were looking at engagement rings. >> reporter: they actually talked about children. >> first one being a girl, of course he would love her but he really wanted a boy. >> reporter: so it was wonderful. not perfect of course. what is? ernie's mother, the devout mormon, did not approve of his poker playing, apparently. even though ernie's father loved poker. many fact, they often played together. >> he really seemed to like his father and respect his father. they seemed to be close. >> reporter: so why didn't they want to meet her? it was, frankly, a little hard to understand. >> how he explained it to me, his mother did not approve of our relationship because i was not mormon. and we traveled around together and were living a life of sin or whatever. >> this scarlet woman. >> exactly you. >> reporter: when he did meet ernie's dad once, it didn't go so well. >> he was in the lobby offer caesars, he started to say, this is it adrienne, he said, i know who she is and turned my back to me. i nev
mystery. "death in the driveway." >>> thanks for joining us. i'm ann curry. it's a story that centers on a family and a mystery. a young father is found dead one morning in his own driveway. for police, it was a puzzle. he'd been an entrepreneur on the rise, a role model to local kids. who could possibly have wanted to kill him? that question has led to a stunning accusation. here's kate snowe. >>> it was one of those rare fall mornings when everything seems right with the world. the sun just starting ining to the sky. only a few people on the quiet streets beyond the city limits of philadelphia. but the stillness was about to be shattered that saturday morning in 2008. a call came in to the police department around 7:00 a.m. someone had discovered something terrible. >> the officers responded and found the victim laying face up in the driveway, a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. >> he had been gunned down in his own driveway. inside his brick home on the corner, his wife and newborn daughter went to bed with one life and woke up to quite another. >> you don't think poss
awful experience in life for anyone to have to go through. why us. why our child. why did this have to happen to our child. and it didn't have to happen. it didn't. >> yet it would keep on happening, with child after child, shot on the city's south and west sides. and the rest of the world may not have noticed had it not been for another 16-year-old boy like blair, just trying to make his way home from school one day. his brutal death would prompt outrage. >> we cannot allow our young people to continue to be killed. >> but would it also lead to change? >>> coming up. a city shocked, a grandfather's grief. >> he was sitting at this desk the night before he got killed, and that was the last conversation we had. >> when america now faces against violence continues. "ame against violence continues. " co. [ male announcer ] only rogaine® foam is shown to regrow hair in 85% of guys. i'm like, "hey look at me. it's working." [ male announcer ] go to and you can get a 4-month supply of rogaine® for just $59.95. order in the next 10 minutes and get free shipping! ♪ like
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, searching in the shadows to find her. >> we were tracking every movement. >> somebody else was using her phone. >> this guy has something to hide. >> there had been a brief encounter with a mysterious stranger. >> on the train coming home, had she had met this woman. >> did that hold this answer? >> she's talking about how someone has tried to assume her identity. >> a chilling case of a daughter in danger. >> somebody was after her. [ "strangers on a train." good evening. welcome to "date line". i'm lester holt. she was beautiful, talented, trusting and sometimes troubled. a young woman from a prominent family finally grabbing the promise in life right up until the day she vanished. and when the police seemed unable to find had her, her family hatched a plan, an unusual strategy to solve the mystery. here's keith morrison. >> it began on a bright morning in may two years ago, the palmetto slipped from its platform at washington's union station and eased out into an eight-hour run down the eastern seaboard to it charleston, south carolina. onboard was a beautifu
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that you don't have every day. >> still, there was work to be done. it was not a new house, could use some remodeling, particularly the bathroom. courtney was still living with her parents as the work began. >> they're going to be doing the tilework and stuff so we wouldn't have a shower for that day. >> so shower out of commission, they decided to wake up early, put on their bathing suits and rinse off in the outdoor spa, before the contractor arrived at 6:45 a.m. it was june 7, 2007. chris got up first, turned on the spa to warm it pup, then called breanna at her college dorm. >> here's your wake-up call. >> back at the house, courtney dozed through her first wake-up. chris and christy made their way out to the spa. just after 7:00, a second call, then headed back to the spa. life's last normal moments. 6:37 a.m. >> i you got up out of bed, i was putting on my robe and i just heard this panicked scream from my dad yelling for me. and i ran down the hallway to the back porch and i saw him just trying to pull out my mom out of the spa. >> it was she who dialed 911
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? jimmy trindade, a successful business man, had no history of drug use or smuggling. why would anyone think that. but one federal agent that knew a lot about drug smuggling on the high seas was about to uncover a link that might explain what happened to jimmy trindade. >> jimmy trindade's 38 foot donzi was sabotaged. >> sabotaged. >> when "lost at sea" continues. this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row! guinea pig: row...row. that's kind of strange. guinea pig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. "hey wrinkle face!" that's what people could say if you're still using a liquid foundation that can settle into your lines and wrinkles and make you look older. covergirl and olay floats above lines and makes you look younger. can your
and using his techniques. >> we are here with the yackey family, and the yackeys have a very-- a great story, because they literally, as they told me, were not involved in real estate a year and a half ago. now, how long have you been a part of learning my techniques and my strategy? >> yeah, about 18 months. >> and before that, did you have any real estate experience whatsoever? >> no, not really. i had a couple of accidental rentals because of the boom, but other than that, we just worked a regular job and really didn't do anything in the real estate world at all. >> so, now let me ask you this. what have you learned, or not so much what have you learned, but tell me what the results are since in the last 18 months. how much money have you made? >> i've made $1.1 million in the last 18 months. >> $1.1 million. >> yep. >> and you have full documentation to show this to me. >> oh, absolutely. we can... you look through each statement. this house right here, we made $66,000. >> and, o.k., so let me ask you this. how long did it take you to make $66,000 on this one deal? >> about 10 or 15 hour
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